In short, Weeping Angel is an implant designed for Samsung F Series Smart Televisions, designed to record audio from the built-in microphone and egress or store the data.

The implant is configured on a Linux PC, and then deployed onto the TV using a USB stick. Once deployed, the implant can access the TV’s microphone and collect audio. Additionally, the implant can place the TV in a Fake Off Mode. Audio can be collected either when on, in Fake Off Mode, or both. Audio files can then be extracted using a USB stick or by setting up a WiFi hotspot with-in range of the TV. It is also possible to listen to audio exfiltration live, using the Live Listen Tool, designed for use on a Windows OS.

The implant can be uninstalled by inserting a USB stick into the TV or configuring a Death Date.

The Weeping Angel Software Package Includes:

Installation Application to installs the implant to the target TV

Implant Executable, which runs on the target TV and records audio

Encrypted Settings File for implant configuration

Linux Application to Encrypt Settings for the implant

Linux application, rsakeygen, to generate rsa keys

ECDLive.exe, a Windows audio decrypt application

A windows web server called XAMPP, offline installer included

An Android web server called PAW Server

wlan.bat batch script to configure a Hosted Network Virtual Adapter on a Windows laptop

An Ubuntu 12.10 ISO file used to create a Linux VM for generating encrypted Settings files

Oracle VM Virtual Box Windows Installer, that can be used host the Ubuntu VM

Weeping Angel is built on top of the EXTENDING tool developed by the MI5/BTSS [British Security Service]. Weeping Angel the result of a coordinated group effort between the CIA and the MI5/BTSS through the Joint Development Workshops.

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