A project established by the CIA’s Information Operations Agency Embedded Development Branch, BaldEagle is a local user-to-root privilege escalation exploit within the Hardware Abstraction Layer (HAL) daemon. This exploit is available on Linux and PC-BSD platforms with the hald process running.

BaldEagle is a tool developed for the 5th link in the cyber kill chain.

The Cyber Kill Chain - phases of a cyberattack

Reconnaissance: Intruder selects target, researches it, and attempts to identify vulnerabilities in the target network.

Weaponization: Intruder creates remote access malware weapon, such as a virus or worm, tailored to one or more vulnerabilities.

Delivery: Intruder transmits weapon to target (e.g., via e-mail attachments, websites or USB drives)

Exploitation: Malware weapon's program code triggers, which takes action on target network to exploit vulnerability.

Installation: Malware weapon installs access point (e.g., "backdoor") usable by intruder.

Command and Control: Malware enables intruder to have "hands on the keyboard" persistent access to target network.

Actions on Objective: Intruder takes action to achieve their goals, such as data exfiltration, data destruction, or encryption for ransom.

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