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We are in the midst of an escalating cyber war, a global general war without clearly defined borders or groups.

As of January 2018, there were approximately 4 billion internet users in the world and a projected 30 billion+ Internet of Things devices connected by year end. The exponential growth of the internet and increased interconnectivity brings with it a vast surface area for identifying and exploiting targets.

Today's cyber threatscape is a diverse ecology of individuals, criminal groups, bots, private organizations, corporations, state sponsored hacking groups, and government intelligence organizations all operating with unique agendas.

Cyber warfare involves the development and deployment of cyber weapons, weaponized software, to achieve mission objects. To survive in the current climate of total cyber war, you need the most advanced technologies available. Open Vault is your prime resource for the tools you need.

Who We Are

Open Vault is a cyber arms vendor specializing in the most advanced weaponized malware gathered from state-sponsored cyber defense programs and advanced persistent threats world wide.

What We Do

Today’s most sophisticated cyber operations demand advanced targeting and security evasion techniques to keep ahead of the latest developments in cyber security. At Open Vault, we provide the cutting edge resources you need to achieve the successful completion of operation objectives and stay one step ahead of your adversaries.


Our Collections:

Finance your next operation: The Cryptojacked collection silently generates cash from your targets.

Get the intelligence you need: The Vault 7 collection is specially tailored for espionage and data gathering.